Stone Walls in Greenwich CT

Stone Walls

Why are Stone Walls in Greenwich CT important? Greenwich is a Fairfield County town located in Connecticut, US. According to data from the 2010 United States census, Greenwich is the largest town in its state. Also, it is a town with over 61,171 residents and home of many financial institutions. Moreover, it is a town that ranked 12th among the 100 best places to live in the United States.

Maintain the beauty and ranking position of the city is the responsibility of each resident.  For example, masonry services enhance the beauty of any property. However, it is a task that requires time and patience. If you are not willing to give up your free time, you should consider a remodeling company or remodeling contractor to do the job. Hiring a professional contractor to build your stone walls will lead to high-quality results.

Nobody can question the beautiful that the addition of stones wall brings to outdoor landscaping. In addition, it improves the entertainment area of your backyard. The best part is that there are plenty of stones walls designs from which you can take ideas for your design plan.

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Stone Walls in Greenwich CT
Stone Walls in Greenwich CT
Stone Walls in Greenwich CT


Factors to consider before building Stone Walls

Before starting your stone walls in Greenwich CT, you should consider the following factors: identify the place into your property to build the stone wall, analysis the incorporation of the stone wall into your existing landscape design, and conduct a research to examine all type of stone walls on your neighbor.

Types of Stone Walls

Here at Marcos Stones Care LLC, we specialize in the two most requested types of stone walls. The two basic types of stonewalls are mortared stone walls and dry stone walls. The first type dry involves a construction that stacks stones in an overlapping form. This construction technique keeps and stabilizes the wall intact because of rock friction.

On the other hand, mortared stone walls are stones that held together by the use of concrete since concrete has a solid effect. Also, this type of stones walls is freestanding.  Freestanding stone walls have finishes on the top and side walls since they are used as a fence. The main difference between a freestanding and a retaining wall is that in the case of retaining walls they are building making a emphasize in the front and top to retain materials on a slope.

Both types of stone walls are practical and decorative.  For example, retaining stone walls add charm to your landscape achieving at the same time its purposes of protecting.  In the case of practical, we recommended building taller stone walls to enclosure the entire backyard. And, for the front yard, a low stone wall is the most appropriate decision.

How to build Stone Walls in Greenwich CT

As an expert landscaper company, Marcos Stones Care LLC has found that every single stone wall building is different from each other. So there is not an accurate plan to follow when building a stone wall. However, there are some steps that are essential in any building stone wall project. In fact, our professional contractors follow it for projects in Greenwich CT and its surrounding regions.

Prepare the base

The contractor should dig a trench deep enough to eliminate or remove all material that may negatively impact the stone wall building. After that, he needs to fill the trench with crushed stone. Finally, he has to compact the stone three to five inches below soil level.

Draw a plan

Draw the final design of your stone walls to allow your contractor erect guidelines. One important thing to have in mind during this step is building the foundation right. And, know how to properly place foundation stones is only achieved with a draw plan.

Build the Stone Wall

When building the first section of the wall, from the foundation to through stones always cross the joints, like brickwork.  Moreover, the contractor needs to make sure to insert small stones into the heart or middle of the stone wall. Also, he needs to incorporate through stones between each lift to make the wall more stable.

If you are looking for a masonry company or contractor for stone walls in Greenwich CT and its surrounding areas, contact us now. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also, we offer you integrity and reliability in all our services. For over 15 years, we have provided the best stone walls building services.

Our company takes your dream design and converts them into reality. So do not hesitate and hire us to get great services today. Get in touch with Marcos Stones Care LLC and request one of a free estimate.