Affordable way to Modernize your Bathroom

Affordable way to Modernize your Bathroom


Affordable way to Modernize your Bathroom

Over the years everything changes and evolves, no doubt being fashionable in terms of design is a challenge. Not only because it changes constantly, but also because it can be very expensive. When you feel that you should give a new air to some space in the house and update it a bit, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to have a large sum of money for this, making small changes can make the difference.

Update and modernize the bathroom will depend on your creativity, if you want to completely remodel, you will see that currently in the market technology has come to facilitate the day to day and there are infinities of modern furniture among which you can choose, yes, try that the design is not something that can expire quickly over time, but that is maintained.

There are also many simple tricks you can implement, but you cannot even make drastic changes. The most important thing will always be that you go where your imagination takes you.

Bathroom Remodeling Simple Tricks


If you have years with that old sink and you want to change it for something more updated, doing it is easier than you think. First, do not spend money buying a complete piece of furniture, look for a way to recycle one that you have at home that you no longer use, do not worry about the form, anyone can adapt to what you are looking for. Then, modify the place where you will put the piece of sink without pedestal, add some decorative elements and voila, give it the vintage style that you like so much without spending a lot of money.


For many, the place where brilliant ideas are born, you make important decisions or simply read the newspaper. Currently there are modern and technological toilets that have automated functions. However, in terms of the overall design of the bathroom, you must choose one that is consistent with the rest of the elements, such as sinks, bathtubs, among others. For this, it is advisable to choose one of simple or classic model. So when you want to give a different look to the bathroom, you should not change everything but add or remove decorative elements that surround and match.

The shower

Another of the fundamental pieces of the bathroom is the shower. The perfect place to relax, take a long shower and be alone with your thoughts. Such an important area deserves a little love from time to time. If you have a good budget to change it completely, glass doors are excellent options for several reasons. In addition, it will provide elegance, and it is durable over time. Moreover, it will not go out of style easily, and it is easy to keep it impeccable. Also, if you want to give it a plus, include wood accessories. They always work as an ideal complement.


Tiles are a very frequent topic when trying to modernize the bathroom. You probably still have the ones left by the old owners of the house or the one your grandmother chose many years ago. But do not be discouraged, an ideal trick to give a radical change without having to change them is to paint them. You only need special enamel for bathroom tiles, a little creativity and that’s it. Do not be afraid to combine several designs. You just need to take care that the colors go well with each other.  What would be the final result? You will have a modernized bathroom in a short time and without much effort.

Classic bathroom sinkVanity unit

In every female bathroom, the vanity area cannot be absent. There are many reasons why have this space in the bathroom is necessary. If you do not have an exclusive place for him, there’s no problem. Adding a piece of furniture or shelf is the solution. Of course, the large mirror is the protagonist and the lights are an essential element, to be the ideal place. Whether you take it to make up, comb your hair or to store the large number of creams you buy, it’s always good to have it.


The lighting of the bathroom should be practical and functional. You should always have the main light hanging from the ceiling.  Also, it is preferable to locate it in the center of the area. Then, focus on the sides of the mirror or around the dressing table.

The wall lamps are ideal to have several points of light and give depth to the bathroom. If you want to make it more current, it is preferable to use white lights. Moreover, they enhance the brightness of the space and make it visually more spacious. Also, you can apply white paint to give it a more contemporary look.  Besides, paint the tiles also in this color and bring it to life.  Also, you can add brightly colored accessories that attract attention without overloading the space.

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