Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT

Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT

Here at Marcos Stones Care LLC, we have present that the kitchen is a vital room of the home. It is not only a central space for socializing with our guests.  The kitchen needs to be customized to match the family needs and lifestyle. People tend to believe that only old and dull kitchen require a remodeling project. In fact, It does not matter is your current kitchen is still in good conditions. A kitchen remodel in Westport CT will take your cooking room to a new height and increase in functionality and value.

If you are thinking in a modern, industrial, contemporary, or any possible kitchen design, we are here to make real your kitchen dream. You just need to worry about having a clear vision of your kitchen transformation. Our company always goes one extra mile to ensure a good communication during the project time.

Our remodeling projects are characterized for one little, but relevant aspect. All our remodelers work having in mind that they need to minimize disruption to your home.

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Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT
Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT
Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT


Why hire us for your Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT?

Moreover, we are the first choice in kitchen remodel services in Westport CT. Why? Well, our kitchen remodel contractors know the importance of completing projects on budget and on time. In other words, Marcos Stones Care LLC understands the relevance of a job well done.

In our 15 years of experience serving Westport CT residents, we have learned to specialize in kitchen design. First, one of our skilled contractors identifies your needs and available kitchen space. Also, he will analyze the electrical system and plumbing system. Why? Well, the new kitchen design needs to march your taste and your home’s structure.

Marcos Stones Care LLC only builds and remodel kitchens that are full of details and architectural richness. Besides, our company ensures you a diligent and punctual kitchen remodeling project.

4 steps to get ready for Kitchen Remodel in Westport CT

Step one: Take a sit and think about what you need

We cannot help you during this step since you need to find a kitchen design that fit your family’s lifestyle. For example, you can research and get ideas from everywhere. So, first, look for a potential kitchen design. Then, make sure that it matches your priorities. For instance, take into consideration the number of people that will be gathering and cooking in the room. Also, think about how those persons will move around in it.

After that, it will be clearer for you to determine if you need an addition or a kitchen remodel will be enough for your needs.

Step two: Continue with the research while planning

Before being ready for the green-light, you need to figure out two important aspects of any kitchen remodel. Number one is the preliminary budget and number two is the scope of the project. Both aspects are subject to change. However, it does not mean that you will be put all your effort in them.

An expert kitchen remodel contractor knows that the changes during the project are an advantage for further jobs.  How? They make us more educated and allow us to make more realistic budgets. In your case, you cannot expect to know everything a kitchen remodel.

Step three: Hire the right professional

A kitchen remodel most of the time is not a do it yourself project.  So you will need to hire a professional to be in charge of the job. Also, it will be a good idea to hire an architect or designer to have a clear kitchen layout.

First, you can request referrals from your colleagues and friends. Next, get in touch with the previous client of your potential contractors. Then, compare the project cost estimates provided by the kitchen remodel contractors. Last, take a sit and take a decision based in all the results found in the previous points.

Step four: Analyze design

During this step, you and your kitchen remodel contractor in Westport CT need to discuss the preliminary kitchen design. To start, the contractor should already analyze in detail the kitchen design. Why? You will give it to him during the interview process. Moreover, he will use it to calculate the project cost.

Step five: Construction documents

Before going through this step, the project finishes must be defined because they will be including in the construction drawings.

Having all set, you will need to submit your construction drawings for permits. Ask your local authorities for the response time and pick up your permits when they are ready.

Marcos Stones Care LLC specializes in all size of kitchen projects. We are aware of the importance of a comfortable kitchen. Trust us! Our company had helped Westport, Connecticut resident for over 15 years. We have a large list of customers from first-time homebuyers who are not happy with their existing kitchen designs to homeowners looking for a modern kitchen design.

Get in touch with us today to know how we can turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Share with us your renovation ideas and receive your free estimate. Then, just relax and wait for us to make reality your dream kitchen remodel in Westport CT.