Home Renovation in Westport CT

Home Renovations

Investing in a home renovation in Westport CT is almost always a risk-free investment because real estate prices rise in the long run.

Westport is a town located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, it is ranked 22nd among the 100 richest towns in America. So, as a matter of fact, investing in real estate in this location is a smart idea.

Popular culture in this Connecticut town can be tracked around 1910. What happened in Westport CT in 1910? Well, Westport passed through a cultural expansion due to many artists moved to the city. Why? The relevant and wealthy business people of the area demand their entertainment services.  So the reputation of Westport as an art center started during that period. Even, nowadays, it is known as a creative heaven.

What does a home renovation mean? Well, at Marcos Stones Care LLC, it means four services Home remodeling, home additions, home repair, and remodeling of specific rooms. Whatever idea you may have in mind regarding any of the four previous construction services, our team is here to help.

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Home Renovation in Westport CT
Home Renovation in Westport CT
Home Renovation in Westport CT

 Types of Home Renovations in Westport CT

Home Remodeling

Are you thinking in a home remodeling Westport CT? Marcos Stones Care LLC is the solution for any idea you may have in mind. Our company is among the most reliable home renovation contractors in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

The team of home remodeling contractors at Marcos Stones Care LLC works having in mind that client satisfaction is the key to success. For that reason, our company has a client database of satisfying customers. Our relationship with our previous clients I so strong that they look for us every single time they need a home remodeling in Westport CT.

Moreover, we can ensure a high-quality home renovation in Westport CT because our company pays attention to detail. Believe us! Once you experience a top-of-the-line service, you will be prepared to become one of our lifelong satisfied clients.

Home additions

You can transform your house from conventional to extraordinary with the help of the best home addition contractor in Westport CT. Also, Marcos Stones Care LLC use the best construction materials to build house additions with the highest standards of quality.

So leave in our hands your room additions; our skilled home renovation contractors will give you the best home addition service in Westport CT.  We do not give as complete any project regarding home renovation in Westport CT as complete until we are sure that any part of the recent project is solid and properly insulated.

Keep in mind that all you need is the technical expertise and timely solutions of our company. Moreover, it does not matter what home addition idea you are considering for your Fairfield County, Connecticut property.  We are expert in everything:

  • Bedroom additions
  • Garage conversions
  • Family room additions
  • Attic conversions
  • Bathroom additions
  • Basement conversions

Home Improvements

Home improvements main purpose is upgrading existing home interior and exterior. Moreover, they include replacing the electrical system, plumbing system, roofing small repairs, garden works, and among others improvements to the property.

Home improvements can be categorized into the following goals:


  • Partial roof replacement
  • Repainting walls and fences
  • Concrete repairs to the property foundation

Saving Energy

  • Installation of a renewable energy stove
  • Applying an energy efficient insulation
  • Installation an energy efficient lighting system

Home Repair

Here at Marcos Stones Care LLC, We are aware of the importance to keep your property investment safe. For that reason, we offer all type of home repair regarding construction services. We have over 15 years of experience. So, you can rely on our expertise and skills to repair your property.

As you may know, many home repairs can be done their homeowners. However, other repairs are more complicated. In those cases, home repair contractors may assist you to obtain long-lasting results.

Enjoy your Home Renovation

in Westport CT

You may be feeling anxious to hire a home renovation contractor to get started your home project. Take your time and proceed taking precautions to later enjoy your improved or renovated home.

Our company takes your dream design and converts them into reality. So do not hesitate and hire us to get great services today. Get in touch with Marcos Stones Care LLC and request one of a free estimate.